Course Listing

FDMS offers the following courses of study:
  Computer Graphic Arts
  Journalism and Yearbook

  Introduction to Literature
  World Literature
  American Literature
  British Literature
  AP English Literature

  World History
  U.S. History
  American Government
  AP U.S. Government & Politics
  Guam Studies
  AP Psychology

  Japanese 1
  Japanese 2
  Japanese 3
  Spanish 1
  Spanish 2
  Spanish 3

  Algebra I
  Algebra II
  AP Calculus AB
  AP Calculus BC

Naval Science
  Naval Science 1
  Naval Science 2
  Naval Science 3
  Naval Science 4

Physical Education
  Physical Education 1
  Physical Education 2
  Health 1
  Health 2
  Weight Training

  Advanced Topics in Biology
  AP Biology
  Anatomy & Physiology
  AP Chemistry

  Introduction to Catholicism
  Christian Scriptures
  History of the Church
  Vocation & Justice

Course Sections

FDMS offers a four-year program of college-preparatory courses, and each student is required to take seven courses each year while at FD. By the end of the course of studies, all students typically have four credits of theology, four credits of English, four credits of mathematics, four credits of science, four credits of social studies, at least two years of a world language, and six additional courses.  The basic course selection for each grade level is as follows:

   Introduction to Catholicism 1 credit
   Algebra I 1 credit
   Biology 1 credit
   Geography 1 credit
   Introduction to Literature 1 credit
   Spanish 1 or Japanese 1 1 credit
   Health/P.E. I or Naval Science I (NJROTC) 1 credit
   Christian Scriptures 1 credit
   Geometry 1 credit
   Advanced Topics in Biology 1 credit
   World History 1 credit
   World Literature 1 credit
   Spanish 2 or Japanese 2 1 credit
   Health/P.E. II or Naval Science 2 (NJROTC) 1 credit
   Church History 1 credit
   Algebra II 1 credit
   Chemistry 1 credit
   U.S. History 1 credit
   American Literature 1 credit
   Spanish 3, Japanese 3, or Composition 1 credit
   Elective 1 credit
   Vocation & Justice 1 credit
   Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus 1 credit
   Physics 1 credit
   American Government 1 credit
   British Literature 1 credit
   Guam Studies 1 credit
   Elective 1 credit

Electives (Junior and Senior year):

Electives for juniors and seniors include but are not limited to the following:  Accounting, Anatomy & Physiology, Art, AP Chemistry, Chorus, Composition, Computer Graphic Arts, Art, Japanese 3, Journalism & Yearbook, Naval Science 3 & 4, AP Psychology, Spanish 3, and Weight Training

Academic Credits from Other Institutions

The school reserves the right to recognize or deny credits from other schools or certified tutors. Only with explicit permission from the school principal may FDMS students take courses at other institutions and apply earned credits toward graduation requirements.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

To prepare students for college level work and to provide a more challenging academic experience, FDMS offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses that are audited annually by The College Board.  Through The College Board's AP courses and exams, students can earn college credit, stand out in the college admission process, and learn from some of the most skilled and dedicated teachers at FDMS.

The AP program is for students with exceptional ability, commitment, and interest in the subject.  Students may choose to take one or more if qualified.

All students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the AP exam in May to earn the AP designation for the course.

Participation in Religion Curriculum

All students enrolled in Father Dueñas Memorial School automatically commit themselves to participate in the school’s religion program. Although Catholic schools do not compel students to profess any religious belief, it is expected that all students, regardless of their beliefs, will participate fully in the religious education program at the school. Students are required to attend all religion classes, retreats and worship services. Students are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and reverently during prayer, worship and religion class.

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